July 24, 2024

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Irrespective of communities, companies, organizations, or whatever entity you run, managing is the most head-scratching job one goes through. Now managing this vast arena that includes, inward sourced elements, groups, human resources, finances, properties, assets, liabilities, expenses, debts, investments & whatnot. But out of this, managing the finance is a hard nut to crack. And when lit is about managing the finances for a fraternity, then words are a few to describe the responsibilities involved

But enough words, if you are thinking, I know this is difficult, tell me the solution. Yes, you are in the right place. We have done ground-level activities & research to bring out the best features that you should look for in a fraternity management tool.

Essential & necessary features of a sorority management software

  1. A customer resource management software with scope for a detailed database of all the members included in the fraternity
  2. Sorority management company should have options for collection & recording of the membership fees, generating receipts for the fees received. Nowadays most of the available tools for providingthe option for the remainder of dues to the defaulter member
  3. A financial suit that helps in analyzing the inward gains & expenditures
  4. The suit should help with talent spottingand scouting for eligible members alongside the recruitment of the new members in the fraternity.
  5. The management software should provide end to end subscription for the audio & video meetings held online for fraternities that involve members over a wide demographics
  6. The fraternity management tool should have the provisions for helping in cost-benefit analysis
  7. Sorority management software should help in the tax audits & filling of IRS FORM 990
  8. The management software should have a mailbox along with the team’s feature for intracommunity chatting, and sharing messages with end-to-end encryption.
  9. The end of the data for each the fraternity should be stored in specific & exclusive data servers to prevent data theft & maintain the privacy as well as the secrecy of the fraternity & their members
  10. The portal should have the features to run a campaign for crowdfunding, and fundraising across the globe alongside promoting the vision of the fraternity but without revealing the secrecy & privacy of the fraternity.

These are the major points & benefits that would ease the day-to-day operations of any fraternity while keeping its books of accounts clear & crisp. If you think other features would be necessary while managing the fraternity, please comment below at the end of the post.

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